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Hardex Spray Grease (400ml)

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Specially engineered to provide film strength, shear resistance and mechanical stability required for good grease lubrication. In most cases, machine down time and parts worn out is caused by grease breaking down and leeching out from ejector pin and cams. HARDEX® Spray Grease is carefully formulated with the highest quality ingredients to significantly reduce this problem. It is able to withstand high temperatures up to 650º F and high pressure.

Features :

  • Rust and corrosion inhibitor 
  • Good adhesion to metal
  • Reduce down time and maintenance cost 
  • Shear resistance 
  • Withstand high temperature 
  • Increase life span of metal parts 
  • Excellent resistance to water

How to use?

Shake the can well, spray directly on area where lubrication is needed, 15-20cm away and allow soak.

* Only for West Malaysia

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