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100% Original Nasa Oil Treatment VI 101(for old car use)

RM 25.00 RM 34.00

The NASA Heavy Duty VI 101 Oil Treatment  help to save fuel and improve performance of your car. Its specially formulated treatment cleanses the injector system of your car. This product will help you to lower the running cost of your car to offset against the recent fuel price increase.

- A viscosity index improver

-Decreases engine and tappet noise

- Extends oil change period

- Guards against wear during engine start increases power

- Improves fuel economy

- Increases compression ratio

-  Minises  friction and engine wear

- Prevents overheating and enhances cooling effectiveness

Additional Information    :  
- To be added to filled engine oil. 
- Highly flammable. 

*** Not allowed ship to sabah & sarawak

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